Island Excursions

Wondering about things to do in Pohnpei? Well, besides enjoying beautiful sunsets like this one, you can go on multiple excursions. You may need some extra guidance to do that. Our hotel family is made up of locals who are always ready to give you some local insights and organize amazing excursions for you. Take a look below to get an idea of what your island adventure can look like.

Waterfall Excursions

Book yourself a tour of Pohnpei’s majestic waterfalls. 

Ocean Excursions

Pictured here is one of Pohnpei’s most prized gems: Ant Atoll. The island is about a 30 minute’s boat ride from the main island.  Crystal blue waters on beautiful island sound good to you? We thought so. We offer flexible ocean excursions to Ant Atoll and many other locations as well.

Professional Surfer?

Are you a surfer? You’re in luck. Mangrove Bay Hotel is pleased to have Allois Maliftani, owner of the Pohnpei Surf Club, as our surf guide. With over 10 years of experience guiding surfers here on Pohnpei, Allois has the knowledge to ensure your surfing vacation will be an awesome one. With our new hotel situated just a short boat ride away from the legendary Palikir Pass, you will be out surfing within minutes with Allois as your guide.



Pohnpei offers many interesting dive spots from Manta Road, a narrow channel where a resident school of Manta Rays loves to visit, to filter feed, to any one of Pohnpei’s 12 passes, to the many walls, 50 miles of fringing reefs and islands. There are literally dozens of interesting places to dive here on the island. Pohnpei Surf Club offers diving charters and is ready to accommodate your next underwater adventure.


Coming Soon: Cultural Excursions


Our customs, like our people, have remain strong and steadfast despite the hands of time and outside influences. Soon we will be able to organise an incredibly rich experience for you through one of our cultural excursions.